Wishing You a Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth!


For everyone in America, it’s the day when we celebrate the nation’s independence and those who gave their lives in military service. It’s also a chance to eat way too many hotdogs, have a couple of drinks and set off fireworks.

We know you’re going to be busy spending time with your families and we want to wish you a great Fourth of July.


So have fun, stay safe, drink plenty of water, and don’t forget to Staance!

Let the Countdown Begin

3.2.1… blast off!


Are you a fan of NASA, space exploration, or think the Mars Rover doesn’t get enough credit?  Then you’re in luck, Staance’s Space channel is the perfect place to share your opinion on all things space-related.

Here are a few of the questions we’d love to hear your opinion on, so get your space suit on and let us hear what you think.

  • Should NASA funding be increased?
  • Is space exploration critical to the survival of the human race?
  • Would you ever want to live on another planet?

We’ll be sharing #space content on Facebook and Twitter all week.

It’s a big universe out there, so let’s get exploring!


Staance Wants to Know What You Think About Comics

Calling all comics fans!


For anybody who thinks The Flash is a seriously underrated superhero, that Frank Miller’s work pwns Grant Morrison’s or that we should all #SayNoToHydraCap, this is your chance to share your opinion with the Staance community and make yourself heard.

Here are a few questions we’d love to hear your answers to, and remember, a staance is not a question, so we want your OPINIONS.


Is Preacher, the TV show, as good as the comic?

Should Deadpool have a boyfriend?

How can comics solve its diversity problem?

Should Marvel stop making so many movies?

Why aren’t DC movies as good as Marvel’s?

We’ll be sharing #comics content on Facebook and Twitter all week.

So get posting!



Tips to Get Promoted

Staance empowers you to make your voice heard and to discuss a wide variety of issues. An essential part of our platform is the promotion of your staances. Promoting a staance puts it in the spotlight, where it will be seen by thousands of other Staance users.


While community moderators are pretty easy going, we may not promote a staance for any number of reasons. Additionally, any staances that violate our Community Guidelines won’t be promoted and may also lead to a warning. Repeated offenses will result in your account being blocked.

Here are a few tips to get promoted:

  • Be original.
  • Check your staances for obvious spelling or grammar errors.
  • Be sure to include a good quality image or video link.
  • Avoid profanity and hateful comments. We know you’re ticked off about your job, iPhone cable, etc., but do your best to control your inner George Carlin.
  • Remember, the more people interact with your Staance, the more it will grab our attention, so always share when you post.


Now that you know how to get promoted- try creating a staance of your own!