Tips to Get Promoted

Staance empowers you to make your voice heard and to discuss a wide variety of issues. An essential part of our platform is the promotion of your staances. Promoting a staance puts it in the spotlight, where it will be seen by thousands of other Staance users.


While community moderators are pretty easy going, we may not promote a staance for any number of reasons. Additionally, any staances that violate our Community Guidelines won’t be promoted and may also lead to a warning. Repeated offenses will result in your account being blocked.

Here are a few tips to get promoted:

  • Be original.
  • Check your staances for obvious spelling or grammar errors.
  • Be sure to include a good quality image or video link.
  • Avoid profanity and hateful comments. We know you’re ticked off about your job, iPhone cable, etc., but do your best to control your inner George Carlin.
  • Remember, the more people interact with your Staance, the more it will grab our attention, so always share when you post.


Now that you know how to get promoted- try creating a staance of your own!

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