I’m Apryl, and in addition to being a muscle car fanatic, espresso addict, and avid audiophile, I’m the Community Manager at Staance. I’m constantly on the hunt for informed, opinionated, well-written contributors to add their voice to our platform!

Staance allows anyone, anywhere, to make their voice a central part of the conversation—and that can be on anything from the latest celeb fail to the nuclear negotiations with Iran. What’s cool is that it allows anyone to make a direct impact on the things they care about.

Right now, we’re looking for hosts. It’s an opportunity to be an early adopter to something big (seriously, our traffic is exploding) and to become part of an influential community. As a host, you’ll be able to create a staance–your opinion–and our users will agree or disagree with it until a consensus is reached. You’ll not only get to influence the issues you care about, but you’ll get an immediate response from our opinionated but inclusive community.

Staance is a truly unique form of social media and offers an instantly gratifying, rewarding experience.

Becoming a host lets you share your opinion and interests with the world. If you’re interested, if you have any questions, or if you just want to drop me a line and say hi, reach out to me at apryl@staance.com, and I’ll get you sorted.

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