The first question I (and pretty much everyone else) asked when I heard Trevor Noah is replacing Jon Stewart was: “Who?”

The next was: “Why?”

The young (he’s 31), relatively unknown (in America, at least) South African comedian seems like an unlikely choice at first glance, but as soon as you watch him perform, you kind of get it. Comedy Central is definitely taking a risk, but it’s one that will likely pay off with millennial audiences.

A young, mixed-race, exceptionally handsome foreigner stands out from other late-night hosts, who are anything but. (The one Noah shares the most in common with is probably John Oliver, whose outsider status helps shape his commentary on America.) But what really makes Noah a great candidate is that his comedy is politically engaged. His focus on race and international issues poises him to put a unique but brand-aligned spin on Daily Show satire.

Watch some of his clips, and you’ll know what I mean.

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