Today I went to buy some olive oil at my closest supermarket, which is a large regional chain that shall not be named. I went reluctantly, because I always have this nagging feeling that most of the items are suspect. But it was late, and I was hungry.

Once I got there, I remembered an article I’d read about how most of the olive oils sold to us are not, in fact, olive oil—or at least 100% olive oil. This is problematic for reasons beyond paying premiums for what is actually a much cheaper product; little is known about what’s mixed into these oils. A common filler is soybean oil, which is usually GMO and hormone disrupting. So, yeah, I was a little wary of Aisle 3. I started painstakingly Googling brands. The vast majority being sold at this grocery behemoth were said to be compromised in tests. The woman next to me seemed perplexed, too. After a bit of discussion, we both chose a bottle that seemed more legitimate (slightly higher priced, marketing text about harvests) than the others. But neither of us were entirely satisfied with our choice.

My olive oil is probably fine, but I couldn’t help but think: THIS SHOULDN’T HAVE TO BE A CONCERN IN AMERICAN SUPERMARKETS IN 2015! How has the FDA not done something about this? How are our supermarkets allowed to continue selling us dangerous crap? And what other common food products are compromised?

I’m not the only angry one, since 75% of Staancers agreed with the assertion that mass-produced foods are killing us. More and more of us are becoming aware of the dangers in our foodstuffs, but how long will it take for our lawmakers to stop listening to lobbyists and start listening to us? I feel pretty defeated about the whole thing. I’m optimistic that change will come, but not until it’s too late for my generation.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.57.57 PM

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