The End of the NFL?

NCAA Football: Tennessee Tech at Wisconsin

Chris Borland, star 49ers rookie, quit football earlier this week. Why? Because he didn’t feel like it was a safe sport.

He’s not the first player to leave amid fears of concussions and neurological damage, but he certainly is the most high profile. And we think he made a smart move.

Staance host Ryan Allison wrote that Borland’s departure should be a wakeup call for the NFL, and the vast majority of people agreed.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 6.00.41 PM

After a while, it becomes hard to ignore the evidence that suggests, shockingly enough, a game in which you regularly tackle and are tackled is damaging. The game may be an American tradition, but tradition for tradition’s sake doesn’t always make sense. And, looking at our stats, it seems like real football fans agree.

Do you think football is safe? Let us know here:






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