We imagine Starbucks’ social media team is doing some soul-searching right about now. In a noble but perhaps naive attempt to encourage conversations on race, the ubiquitous coffee company started #RaceTogether, a project in which baristas would write that phrase on a cup whenever they felt like having a discussion with a customer on the topic.

Unsurprisingly, people were skeptical about Starbucks’ belief that it could change racism in America while preparing our extra-foam, soy, nonfat, three-pumps syrup macchiatos. And the initiative was skewered on social media.

Staance users Stephen L. and Danielle B. said they appreciate the company’s efforts but doubted how effective they would be.

But their mild support didn’t change most users’ minds. 78% say Starbucks should stay out of race issues and 88% said #RaceTogether wouldn’t change racism.

Want in on the debate? Take a staance here.

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