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Community Manager – San Francisco

$50k + options*

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Staance San Francisco is looking for a Community Manager.

The Community Manager must be a hybrid of a social (media) butterfly and a caterpillar who can work diligently in his or her cocoon. The Community Manager at Staance will often be one of the first interactions a new user has when they sign up for Staance and … that’s a huge deal. We are looking for someone to take charge and build a community on Staance.

Like with all of our positions, the Community Manager will be asked to wear many hats. This person should be comfortable reaching out digitally to new users, and he or she must be able to communicate in a friendly, creative and direct way. This person should be the first name and face a new user sees when they register.

A typical workday will include coming up with creative ways to make every new user feel valuable and to help each user understand the value of Staance. We are very proud of our platform, and we expect the Community Manager to be our No. 1 cheerleader. This involves constructing creative plans for bringing on and retaining users. Parts of the day will include mapping out the ideal first days of a new user, creating fun and interesting subgroups so users see where they belong on Staance or even throwing a party and inviting users from the area. The position demands creativity. Every day will be different. The quality of what’s said about Staance from the public will be the result of your excellent work.

You are…

  • Insanely creative. You’re full of fresh ideas to make users feel welcome and want to keep coming back.
  • Born to network. You wear the Staance brand proudly. If there’s a major event in town, you’re there building our network of users.
  • Resourceful. We move quickly, and that means taking a scrappy, startup mentality to all tasks at hand.
  • A utility player. You’ll contribute to every department and help solve any priority problem.
  • Naturally curious. You love learning how things work and you’re always looking for ways to innovate. You enjoy testing different strategies and tracking the results.
  • Graceful. You are self-aware and well-spoken in meetings. You’ll humbly be the voice of Staance and we’d have no issue having you represent the brand.
  • Unflappable and super organized. We’re moving people every day and there are plenty of moving parts in this role!


You’ll be tasked with growing a strong, passionate community of Staance users. We want loyal users who love Staance as much as we do. You’ll present Staance in the most engaging way possible and make every single user feel loved. You will be expected to:

  • Execute strategic plans to attract and retain users.
  • Work closely with our Content & Marketing Team so you’re on top of key metrics and objectives that impact your priorities.
  • Work closely with Staance’s various social media pages, ensuring all content aligns with your message points and promotional activities.
  • Manage and moderate Staance’s stream of new users, ensuring an engaged and fun community.
  • Locate and engage any and all advocates within the community to foster dialogue, eventually launching and managing a Community Influencer Strategy.
  • Be the liaison between Staance users and the entire team at Staance. You are both the voice to and for our users.
  • Track the community you are building and the impact of it on social media and our business.
  • Create fun and awesome campaigns, contests and other strategies to grow our online presence organically and via a marketing budget.
  • Be the connection between Staance and other communities across social media. Be the eyes and ears for Staance across the entire social space and identify conversations or crisis that requires response and/or proper resolution.
  • Be self-motivated. The job will not come with a micromanager so you must be able to motivate yourself to create new projects while handling your day-to-day demands.
  • Create new content ideas that fit Staance and will help attract or retain users.

Skills and Experience

  • Community Management and business development
  • Deeply passionate about social media
  • Strong use and handle of the written word
  • Demonstrated ability in manage social media communities, drive community growth, and build relationships with influencers
  • Networking, both digital and in-person
  • Understanding of marketing efforts
  • A get-it-done mentality with more solutions than excuses
  • Degree in Marketing or Public Relations is a plus, but not required

Benefits (U.S.)

  • Medical/dental/vision package to fit your needs.
  • Unlimited vacation policy; work hard and take time when you need it without duress or guilt.
  • Everyone loves free food, so while you’re in the office, food and drinks are complimentary.
  • Catered lunches.
  • Paid holidays.

More Perks …

  • Employees are showered with attention as part of a strong culture geared toward working happily together.
  • Offsite socials.
  • Sharp, motivated co-workers in a fun office environment.
  • The rare opportunity to work on a product with potential to impact how people all over the world discover and interact with today’s stories. We’re enabling real people to take a stand on the stories that matter to them, influencing real-world conversations and, hopefully, outcomes!

We’re bringing Staance to every person in the world with local-focused stories and international expansion. We need brains, passion and energy to make it happen and to do it with style.

Bottom line: It’s all about the hustle. You’ll knock down doors and pursue the crazy idea if it helps grow Staance.

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* Individual compensation based on qualifications.