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Brand Designer

$120k + options*

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As a growing early-stage startup, Staance remains in some ways a near-blank canvas. We’ve found early success with people across the world, but nothing is entirely set in stone. Culturally, it is absolutely day one for us. We’re seeking a small group of unbelievably talented and thoughtful designers to define and execute against a giant vision that builds upon what Staance only just started.

If you have the right stuff to join the Staance Design team, you’ll work among design-oriented engineers, experienced eyes from the media world and directly with the CEO, an engineer, who enjoys every day at the helm of this thriving upstart.


We are highly user-centric and we believe we are building a platform with potential to influence real-world events on the ground. The role demands great execution, bold innovation, obsession with quality, fearlessness and optimism to be inspired by the unknown and never settle, solving problems with creativity while keeping the user in mind and ambition to take projects to the finish line. 

We might be a good match if…

You’re a storyteller.

You know that design alone is not enough to make a brand successful. You craft stories within the designs to make experiences more relevant and human. You tell stories to teammates to sell your ideas, provide context and make design more compelling.

The details always matter to you.

You’ve spent your career slaving over details that most never notice, but you know they contribute to the sum.

You make others want to color inside the lines

The idea of helping to define systems, executions and templates of an world-class brand, then watching them grow, excites you. You can create the systems that will take the Staance brand to the next level.  You continually experiment with new strategies and technologies for creating stellar brand and digital experiences. You can reinforce Staance as a contender in the media and social media space. You’re reliable, even while managing a large body of work in a fast-paced, ambiguous environment.

You play well with people.

You are comfortable collaborating with writers, engineers, founders and other stakeholders to implement and produce best-in-class design and technology practices.

You do more than just make it pretty.

You design beautiful brand systems and you realize beauty only gets you so far. You actively participate in all aspects of the design process. You have opinions beyond just the look and feel. You are deeply passionate about how the pieces fit together to create the best experience. You have created guidelines and templates for multi-channel initiatives that include mobile experiences, websites, immersive environments, packaging and other brand touch points. You will reinforce Staance’s reputation for creating premium experiences while managing a large body of work in a fast-paced environment.

You are incredibly productive.

You deliver twice the quality in half the time. You mastered the Creative Suite years ago and are starting to explore newer tools to make you a more efficient designer. You geek out on keyboard shortcuts, Photoshop actions and the newest prototyping tools. You constantly strive to optimize your workflow and increase your output. You can juggle multiple projects and approach them with an analytical perspective, anticipate consequences and overcome obstacles to successfully complete projects.

You have a black belt in branding.

You’ve had previous experience shaping brands. You’ve created brand guidelines and understand how to implement branded systems for others to carry out. You can share several shining examples of real work you’ve crafted and what you learned along the way. You deliver strategically sound, conceptually based, pixel perfect and iconic experiences. You are ready to be a brand steward who identifies new opportunities for Staance. Real-world problems inform your design solutions.

You lead the charge.

You can lead a project from definition to completion. You foster innovation within the creative team and assist in identifying and resolving issues proactively. You ensure on-time deliverables and expertly crafted designs that comply with Staance brand standards. You can provide mentorship and support to other designers.


  • Employees are showered with attention.
  • Offsite socials.
  • Sharp, motivated co-workers in a fun office environment.
  • The rare opportunity to work on a product with potential to impact how people all over the world discover and interact with today’s stories. We’re enabling real people to take a stand on the stories that matter to them, influencing real-world conversations and, hopefully, outcomes!


  • Everyone loves free food, so while you’re in the office, food and drinks are complimentary.
  • Catered lunches.
  • Paid holidays.
  • Medical/dental/vision package to fit your needs.
  • Unlimited vacation policy; work hard and take time when you need it without duress or guilt.

We’re bringing Staance to every person in the world with local-focused stories and international expansion. We need brains, passion and energy to make it happen and to do it with style.

[For a glimpse of what we do, visit or download our app:]


* Individual compensation based on qualifications.